The British Automotive Industry Today

The British car accomplishment industry leads Europe with over forty companies bearing cars, trucks, vans and buses, with added all-embracing companies accomplishment the all-important apparatus for those vehicles. The Automotive Industry represents 13% of Britain’s absolute exports, and it provides over 180,000 jobs and contributes about 10.2 Billion Pounds to the UK economy.

In abutment of these accomplishment enterprises, abundant retail, service, aliment and accounts sectors abetment in the bland active of the absolute industry. There are a amount of car leasing and car accounts companies, such as Pendle Car Contracts, that accommodate an important and all-important account to the industry. In 2009, it was appear that this area generated 24 Billion Pounds in amount added casework and articles to the UK abridgement and active over 552,000 humans in abounding time employment.

To ensure the connected bland active of the Arrangement Hire, Car Leasing and Car Accounts businesses, a able adumbrative physique alleged the British Car Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) was formed to baby-sit the sector. The Association looks afterwards the interests of its associates and sets industry standards for all operations in the car arrangement hire, leasing and circadian appoint sectors.

In the endure twelve months, while realising the growing appeal of businesses absent to charter cars instead of affairs them outright, the British Government has afflicted the rules on car leasing, focussing on a car’s CO2 emissions. The Government sees this as a absolute footfall appear a low-carbon approaching and the development of green-friendly cars in the UK.

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